Brother Persona PRS100 Embroidery Machine In-Depth Review

Brother Persona PRS100 Embroidery Machine In-Depth Review
Brother Persona PRS100 Single-Needle Embroidery Machine

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Brother Persona PRS100 is a free-arm embroidery machine with prominent features of embroidering small places of clothes efficiently. It is a single needle machine with multi-needle versatility. Brother Persona PRS100 can easily embroider caps, headbands, sleeves, bags, and pockets just like not any other machine can. Most importantly it can be accommodated in tight spaces due to its size. Hence it can embroider in less space because it has 18 inches wide footprint.

The most prominent features of this machine include four hundred and five built-in designs. It has a touch system LCD that helps to select different designs and stitches. The open screen helps us to select and edit different stitches.

Well, now I am going to share my personal experience with you guys. Once I went to my friend’s home. I had seen amazing and creative working on her kid’s accessories there. When I asked about it then she showed me her innovative tabular-designed Persona PRS100 machine. This machine is so easy to use that she was working along with entertaining me. I was surprised to see such neat embroidery and thanks to its free-arm configuration by which it can embroider without fabric tangling.

Furthermore, it is very useful for children’s accessories, for instance, their garments, pockets, socks, bags, and caps can be embroidered beautifully. Hence you can embroider your favorite Disney characters on caps by getting more designs from

As for as maintenance of the machine is concerned, it should be cleaned by using a blow-off duster. So that dust can be taken out from the needle bar and other essential threading parts of the machine. You can oil machine by using precision machine oil. The cleanliness of the machine can enhance its performance.

Features of the Machine

  • Maximum Embroidery Speed of 1000 SPM
  • LCD TouchScreen of 3.6″ x 6.0″
  • Vast Embroidery Area of 8.0″ x 8.0″
  • 6 Embroidery Hoops (8″ x 8″, 4″ x 4″, 2″ x 2″, 1.3″ x 3″, 3″ x 1.3″, 1.25″ x 1.75″)
  • Built-in 405 Embroidery Designs
  • Stitching Speed of 400 to 600 SPM for Caps
  • The number of color of Display is 260,000
  • On-Screen Helps allow to select of different stitches
  • Built-in Languages option helps to select languages
  • On-Screen Editing of built-in designs
  • Four LED Lights
  • Screen Brightness is adjustable by Settings
  • Automatic Thread Tension is available
  • Advanced Needle Threading System has Multi-Needle Style
  • Eyelet Threading System for Consistent Thread Tension
  • Easy Bobbin Winding is on Side of Machine
  • The machine has Adjustable Bobbin Winding Speed
  • Upper and Bobbin Thread Sensor
  • Automatic Thread Cutter
  • The machine has Vertical Bobbin which is better than a horizontal bobbin
  • One Full USB Port for USB Connectivity
  • Computer Connectivity with Update Capability
  • The machine has twenty adjustable Built-in Embroidery Lettering Fonts
  • Built-in Alphabet Designs includes Floral, Appliqué, Greek, Vine, Classic and
  • Built-in Frame Designs includes ten Shapes and fourteen Stitch Patterns
  • Automatic Feed Thread Cutting
  • Text can be curved on Screen Editing
  • Left, center, and right Alignment of Multiple-line Text Input
  • Space Reduction Among Embroidery Alphabets
  • Pattern Rotates to 1, 10, or 90 Degrees
  • Realistic Preview of Designs
  • Programmable Monochrome Embroidery
  • Basting Stitch Before Embroidery
  • 1, 10, 100, and 500 Stitches can be forward or backward


  • Free-Arm Configuration: Embroider more in fewer spaces for instance caps, bags, pockets, and sleeves without fabric tangles.
  • Universal: It is universal in lots of projects, delicate in working, and easy to use.
  • Color change system: The system allows you to tie the next thread color to the existing one and pull it through the needle.
  • Fast embroidery speed: Stitching per minute is one thousand that is the high level of stitching.
  • Unique adjustable size: The most important feature is the size of the tabular machine makes the perfect addition to your room.


  • Maintenance of machine: The machine must be taken to your dealer for maintenance on regular basis.
  • Dust removal: You can use a blow-off duster to take out dust from the front parts of the machine.
  • Light in front of the machine: Must have light in front of the machine so make putting easy thread to the needle.

FAQs About Brother Persona PRS100 (Single-Needle Embroidery Machine)

Do I recommend Brother Persona PRS100?

You might be looking for if is it worth buying Brother Persona PRS100? Well, I highly recommend considering this because it is the most affordable embroidery machine in the single-needle embroidery machines category. If you want to start a professional embroidery business on an industrial scale then I would not recommend you to consider this, instead of this, go for Melco Amaya Bravo– Multi-Needle Embroidery Machine.
Actually, a multi-needle embroidery machine creates a lot of difference from a single-needle embroidery machine. Although, Persona PRS100 is packed with great features and comes at an affordable price but it lacks the function of multi-needle.

How much is it cost to buy Brother Persona PRS100?

It can cost you up to $5,000 to buy Brother Persona PRS100- Single-Needle Embroidery Machine. I mentioned it above and repeating again that it most affordable and best embroidery machine available in its price range. You will not get the same stitch quality and so many features as you are getting in this machine.
Check the latest price of Brother Persona PRS100 now.

Can I machine embroider Shirts, Hats, Caps, Socks and Hoodies with Brother Persona PRS100?

It is very easy to machine embroidery small stuff due to its free-arm configuration, which is difficult to embroider on a flatbed embroidery machine. It becomes difficult to machine embroider shirt sleeves, pockets, and caps, etc. on a simple flatbed embroidery machine without free-arm configuration. This is another reason to consider this machine, I just really loved this machine when I came to know that it comes with a free arm.

Final thought

Brother Persona PRS100 is an affordable, dynamic, and easy-to-use machine. Its prominent features do not need any explanation. It is a low price machine as compare to other machines. So it is highly recommended due to its versatility. 


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