What Is A Free Arm Sewing Machine?


Buying a new sewing machine can be very frustrating if you do not know much about sewing machines. Even, buying a new sewing machine can be a bit difficult for all those who are already sewing because of the number of sewing machines available out there. It is not wise to choose a sewing machine with excess features that you do not even need or know about. And, also it is not good to buy a sewing machine which does not have the features that you need most.

Sometimes buying a machine which suits your needs is always a hard task. Making an accurate choice of the right machine may be difficult if you are not well aware of its working.

The free arm is one of the sewing machine parts that most sewing enthusiasts do not know much about. For those who already have the knowledge, it is important to know the working of the free arm in a sewing machine, its features, and some other things regarding this part. This will help you to make an accurate choice while selecting a sewing machine in the future.

What is a Free Arm in A Sewing Machine?

The free arm is used to work on the little projects which are not easily sewable with a normal sewing machine. Like if you are working on clothes then you might feel difficulty in sewing pockets and sleeves. Because pockets and sleeves are small in size and also they have angles that are not easily sewable with the normal sewing machine.
If you are working on any such clothing or projects then with the help of a free arm you can stitch those areas without any problem. The free arm is also useful for sewing sleeves, collars, cuffs, pockets, and many other things in a very easier way.

Free Arm in a Sewing Machine

The free arm is part of a sewing machine that is used to hold the fabrics that are not easy to handle with a normal sewing machine. The free arm makes it easier to sew and manipulate any fabric that is shaped and curved. This can be due to its flexibility in terms of working with fabrics of different widths and lengths. The free arm is usually placed under the main part of a sewing machine where it rotates out for ease in working with different fabrics.

The free arm comes as an attachment to most of the new homes as well as professional sewing machines nowadays. If your sewing machine does not have a free arm attachment then it’s better to purchase another one because this is one of the first things that you would be needing from your machine. There are also some models where there is no provision for a free arm.

How does a free arm work in a sewing machine?

The free arm used in a sewing machine is flexible enough to stretch and work on fabrics of different widths, lengths, and also angles of the fabric.

It works by gripping the fabric between one set of fingers or feet rests which are placed at the end of a long shaft. The fabric is then fed through between this shaft and is bent for easier working. With this, you can work with fabrics from different angles and also change their direction of using it as per your need.

Flatbed vs Free-Arm Sewing Machine

A normal machine is usually called a flatbed sewing machine because it comes with a flatbed-like configuration. A free arm sewing machine comes with a flatbed configuration by default but it can easily be changed to a free arm configuration by removing the surrounding part of the free arm.

In a free arm sewing machine, the free arm is exposed after removing the surrounding part of the free arm but in a flatbed sewing machine, you can not have an exposed free arm because it does not allow that.

Where can you use a free arm on a sewing machine?

The free arm is used in sewing a variety of different things. These include:

  • Sewing sleeves and collars of shirt and blouse
  • Sewing pants, slacks and other pants accessories like pockets
  • Working with curved and small fabric items like the back panel of a blouse, sleeves of a dress or skirt, etc.

How to use Free Arm in A Sewing Machine?

When you want to use the free arm in your sewing machine then it is important to understand how it works. Before you start working on the free arm then you have to make sure that it is moved out of its place and also moved to a position where you can easily use it.

To do this, you need to first remove your sewing machine cover so that the free arm can be seen. You also need to make sure that free arm is in a clear view of yourself so that it can be used easily. You will then have to grab the free arm surrounding part with both your hands and move it from the slot where it is placed into a better position for easier use. In this way, you can use the free arm for tailoring any clothes easily.


In conclusion, when you are in need of a sewing machine then make sure that you buy the right machine that will be able to give all the required results and also will be able to fulfill all your needs. Proper knowledge regarding free arms in a sewing machine can help you. Knowing its working and design will enable you to make proper choices and also it is necessary for making an accurate decision. So if you want to buy a new sewing machine, then know about its working first. It can be of great help for yourself as well as for your loved ones if you are working on clothes or any other project stuff which is not easily sewable with the normal sewing machine.


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