King Quilter II Standard & Elite Review: Is it Worth Buying?

King Quilter II Elite Long Arm Quilting Machine
King Quilter 2 Standard & Elite Long-Arm Quilting Machine

The longarm King Quilter II Elite machine is undoubtedly a significant investment manufactured by the USA. It’s an amazing invention with the correct features and capacity for your requirement. King Quilter II, the longarm quilter machine is quite easy to use and uncomplicated working on large projects.

King Quilter II Elite is the best long-arm quilting machine. It has many features that make it a favorite of experts and beginners alike. The design is sleek, with an aluminum frame for durability. Operation is simple so even seasoned users can find success quickly without having to learn new skills or techniques.

The machine comes with many accessories so you can get started right away. The King Quilter II Elite also has a long warranty to back it up if anything goes wrong, and the customer service is outstanding even though you’re pretty much guaranteed not to need them.

Another great thing about this machine is that it’s affordable for just about anyone who wants one of their own or needs it as an upgrade. There are a few machines out there that offer such good qualities at such a reasonable price, which is what makes King Quilter II Elite stand out among its competition. It’s clear that in design and function the King Quilter II Elite will satisfy your sewing needs whether they be personal or professional.

The model of the machine is easy to use having 18″ of throat space, a top speed of 2200 stitches per minute. It also has an innovative touch pad interface that gives easy access to stitch patterns and applications.

This machine includes free accessories like bobbins and bobbin case, needles, thread mask, spool stand, screwdriver, pin oiler, lint brush, power cord, and a user manual.

Features of the King Quilter II Elite

  • Speed of 2,200 SPM (Stitches Per Minute)
  • 10 or 12-foot quilting frame
  • 18″ x 8″ Throat space
  • M Class Bobbin
  • Laser Light kit
  • 7″ or 4.3″ color touch screen
  • 4 to 22 stitches per inch
  • Bobbin winder
  • Stitch exactness mode
  • 4 options for needlework stitch
  • Stitch Manual mode
  • Stitch transportation mode
  • Light Ring Included
  • Front and rear handlebars
  • Built-In Micro Handlebars
  • Quilt Alarm
  • Quilt Timer
  • Stitch Counters
  • Bobbin Low-Thread Detector
  • Low Bobbin Alarm
  • 8-Watt LED Power Consumption
  • Needle up and down control
  • 5mm Sew Foot Stroke/Lift
  • 35.3 mm Needle Bar Stroke
  • 73 mm Take-Up Stroke
  • Warranty (Casting/Mechanical/Electrical): 10yr/5yr/5yr

Now, let’s have a deep look at some important points from the above-listed complete features of this long arm quilting machine.

2,200 SPM Speed

It comes with speed of 2,200 SPM (Stitches Per Minutes) which is great for finishing your projects faster. As per my opinion, it is the best quilting speed and you deserve it too. At the same price range, you have other long-arm quilting machine options too which come with a speed of 2,200 SPM or even more.

Does quilting speed really matter? Well, the answer to this question is, obviously yes. Would you mind finishing your quilting projects late when you are doing quilting business? Well, no one wants to do it. Either your customers would not like it too. Your time is money in quilting projects and you have to finish the projects as soon as possible.

And, if you want to have a small business or home-based quilting business then you can consider some low-speed long-arm quilting machines like Handi Quilter Moxie or Baby Lock Gallant. Obviously, these are not low-quality machines but are for low-end users and come with a low price tag.

10/12-Foot Quilting Frame

You can use a 10-Foot or 12-Foot Quilting Frame with King Quilter II Elite. It does not come with your machine purchase and is not included with it but is compatible to use with it. You can use a 10-Foot quilting frame if you do not have enough room to store it and it is the standard size also, comes with most of the long-arm quilting machine.

But, if you are a serious quilter and want a large quilting frame, consider a 12-Foot quilting frame. Make sure that you select your desired quilting frame as an addon before placing your order for this machine.

18″ x 8″ Throat space

I just want to make one thing clear that the large throat space you get, the easier it becomes to work on your projects. There are many quilting machines that come with 18 inches long throat space but they cost high too.

It provides you 18 inches in length and 8 inches in height as throat space so that you may never feel short at short working space. If you want to go beyond this, consider Handi Quilter Amara which comes with 20 inches of throat space.

M Class Bobbin

It comes with an M-class bobbin which provides you vast space and is also in large size by which the thread stays longer. You do not need to wind the bobbin thread again and again because of its large size. Did I forget to mention that the bobbin is made up of aluminum? It will not become rusty soon and you will not need to buy a new bobbin again and again. You do not need to buy any bobbins for years because it comes with five strong bobbins in the box.

7″ or 4.3″ LCD Screen

It comes with 7 inches or 4.3 LCD Screen with a full-color display. It is a touch LCD screen and of course, you would get such kind of screen with other long-arm quilting machines in its price range. It becomes so easy to control King Quilter II Elite with this LCD screen because of the clean user interface of the application installed and large screen size.

Bobbin Winder

It makes it very easy to wind your bobbin when it is empty because of its Bobbin Finder feature. Although other machines also do provide single-touch bobbin thread load. It is worth mentioning here because this machine also comes with it.

Low Bobbin Alarm

Do you want to be known when your bobbin empty? Well, King Quilter 2 Elite will provide you this facility. You will be get notified by an alarm whenever your bobbin thread is low.

Front & Rear Handlebars

You might have seen long-arm quilting machines with front handlebars. These handlebars provide ease to your quilting and you can handle your machine or move your machine easily through these handlebars. But, this machine comes with rear handlebars too along with front handlebars. Do you want to control your quilting machine from the rear side for any cause? If yes, King Quilter II Elite is for you because you can easily control it either by front or rear handlebars.

King Quilter II Elite $6,299

Name: King Quilter II Elite Review

Description: King Quilter II Elite is the best long-arm quilting machine and it is looking for an expert to work with. It is quite easy to use but is not the best fit for completely beginners. Its stitch quality, features and stitching speed is amazing.

Complete Review

  • Ease of Use
  • Stitch Quality
  • Sewing Speed
  • Features
  • Maintenance
  • Price


King Quilter II Elite is not for those who are just starting the quilting. Prior quilting experience is required to get most out of this long arm quilting machine. Moreover, if you are a lover of Made In USA Sewing Machines then this might be the best choice for you as this is completely manufactured in the USA ensuring High Quality.


  • High stitching quality
  • Fast stitching speed
  • Three stitch precision modes
  • Three years of warranty


  • A bit high priced
  • Not compatible with extreme temperature


  • First of all, this longarm machine is fast and reliable and the quality is unquestionable. 
  • The stitching speed per minute is two thousand and two hundred.
  • In case you are not satisfied with the machine, it can be replaceable with three years warranty.
  • It offers great functionality regarding different stitch modes like precision mode, batch stitch, and cruise mode.
  • This machine’s quality ten to twelve-foot frame provides the quilter a comfortable stand-up experience.
  • The King Quilter II Elite machine is more reliable than the old version of King Quilter.


  • This machine needs a temperature-controlled space.
  • It is more expensive than the old version of King Quilter.

FAQs about King Quilter II Elite

Are there two variants of King Quilter II- Long-Arm Quilting Machine?

Yes, there are two editions of this quilting machine. The first one is King Quilter II (Standard) and the second one is King Quilter II Elite. There are some differences in both of these editions like Quilting Speed and some accessories. King Quilter II is the lite version of King Quilter II Elite. Have a look below at the comparison of both of these long-arm quilting machines.

What is the price of King Quilter 2 and King Quilter 2 Elite?

As there is a difference between the features and specifications of both models so there is a price difference also. King Quilter 2 (Standard) comes under $4,500 while King Quilter 2 Elite comes under $6,500. You can check the latest prices with discounts on King Quilter II and King Quilter II Elite now.

Do I get a quilting frame with King Quilter II or King Quilter II Elite?

No, a quilting frame would not be included in the box. You can purchase a 10-Foot or 12-Foot optional quilting frame with it. The largest quilting frame compatible with it is 12-Foot if you want a large quilting frame then you have to consider another long-arm quilting machine that can support a longer quilting frame than 12-Foot.

Is there any compatible Quilting System for King Quilter 2?

Yes, Pro-Stitcher is completely compatible with King Quilter II and King Quilter II Elite. You can purchase it too along with your King Quilter II if you are a serious quilter and this is not recommended for beginners. It is a vector-based editing software too and enables you to create or edit your own custom designs right on your screen. You can also preview the design path on your screen before quilting it.

In which country King Quilter 2 Elite is manufactured?

It is a proud moment for the United States because King Quilter 2 and King Quilter 2 Elite is designed, programmed, and manufactured purely in the United States. There are other brands too you rely on that are not originated from the US like Singer, Janome, and Juki, etc. If you looking for made in USA quilting machine, consider this long-arm quilting machine.

Is King Quilter II better than other long-arm quilting machines?

There are other options available too for log-arm quilting machines by Handi Quilter and Babylock. You can consider Handi Quilter Moxie and Babylock Gallant as an alternative to this quilting machine if you do not have enough budget. Obviously, King Quilter II Elite is far better than both of these machines but these can give a hard time to King Quilter II and also are cheaper than King Quilter II Elite.

Final Thoughts

If you want an exceptional longarm quilter machine then the 18″ frame machine will be the best option with the best functionality and features. It is highly recommended for both home quilters and industry quilters. It is easy to operate and that’s why recommended for beginners and advanced quilters also will not be disappointed by its advanced features.

Do you still have doubts or want to ask any other questions? Contact us now by Live Chat and our team will help you in this regard for FREE.

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