Babylock Gallant Long-Arm Quilting Machine In-Depth Review

Babylock Gallant Long Arm Quilting Machine
Baby Lock Gallant Long Arm Quilting Machine

Thinking about Long Arm Quilting Machine? Well, here is the best fit for you. Keep reading the in-depth review of BabyLock Gallant Longarm Quilting Machine.

All folks out there related to the textile profession (especially sewing) must have gone by this famous cliche: “if you are a beginner sewer then a long-arm quilting machine is not for you; rather you should go with a home sewing machine or a sit-down quilting machine.” Is a long-arm quilting machine only for advanced-level hobbyists? Well, not really! 

Every product packed with perky features is best for all alike and novice practitioners can learn and enhance their productivity in a convenient way. In this article, I am going to introduce to you a competent candidate and a safe-to-spend option in the realm of long-arm Quilting machines. We would also try to figure out the edges and Pros, a long-arm quilting machine has over its other conventional counterparts.

Features of BabyLock Gallant

Why am I recommending you this Longarm Quilting Machine? Well, here below are the reasons, check the complete features offered by Babylock Gallant.

  • Speed of 1800 SPM (Stitches Per Minute)
  • Vast Throat Space (15″ x 8.5″)
  • 8-Foot Villa Frame
  • Overspeed Alarm
  • LED Light
  • Needle Threader
  • Bobbin Winder
  • Needle-stop positioning control
  • LCD Display
  • Hex keys (2.5mm, 3.0mm, 4mm)
  • Front Handlebars
  • 25 Years Warranty
  • Free 60 Days Online Trial Classes (*SewingMachinesPlus)
  • Compatible with BILT App
  • Weight 32 lbs. (14.5 Kg)

Large Quilting Workspace

Baby lock Gallant provides you with a large enough workspace to exhibit your creativity with its 15 inches wide workspace and 8 inches height on the Baby Lock Gallant.

M Class Bobbins

Baby Lock Gallant uses a large-capacity M class Bobbin, which is 40 percent larger in size than a standard size Bobbin. It means that you don’t have to change the bobbin again and again. This is the same Bobbin case that you get with Handi Quilter Moxie Long-arm Quilting Machine.

Speed of 1800 SPM

This feature greatly justifies its a bit high price range: Your work gets done quite before you know it. Its stitch rate goes as far as 1,800 SPM (Stitches Per Minute) and 4-18 stitches per inch.

In-built Stitch Regulator

Baby Lock Gallant comes with an in-built stitch regulator with dual modes for Cruise and Precision. A stitch regulator is used to adjust the speed of the needle going up and down and to create the perfect stitch length according to the thickness of the thread and the thickness of the shapes being quilted. With the help of this regulator, We can select shorter stitch lengths for small and intricate designs and switch to longer ones for open quilting patterns.

LED lights

Above the needle unit ‘you have dazzling and flashing (not dazzling actually) LED lights; This is not less than a bliss for old people or the ones having weak eyesight or experiencing any kind of eye fatigue or soreness in eyes. It also enables you to keep sewing for longer periods without experiencing back or neck pain. Therefore, your productivity is enhanced.

Manual Thread tension Control

To ensure that the same amount of thread follows simultaneously from the needle and the bobbin, producing a symmetrical stitch all machines have a tension control assembly. While many modern-day sewing and quilting machines have automatic tension regulating mechanisms; Baby Lock Gallant comes up with the manual one i.e.three discs controlled by a dial or keypad on the front of the machine which can regulate two threads at once. 

Needle Stop Positioning Control

Normally, the sewing machine is set to leave the needle in the fabric when sewing is stopped. But modern machines have a needle up /needle down feature for raising the needle when sewing is stopped. Baby lock Gallant offers you this amenity for sure.

8-Foot Villa Frame

Baby lock Gallant provides its consumers with an easy assembly and an 8-foot free-standing frame. Sitting arrangements could be customized like, table’s height -adjustable and has leveling feet which adjust to floor surfaces. Loading mode can be switched between high and low and ratcheted pole end provides hold quite firmly for perfect stitching.

Supplementary accessories

The package also includes an M-style Bobbin case, pen oiler, Bobbin case screwdriver, lint brush, spool pin, thread mast,10 pk of needles in each size:100/16 and 110/18, and a quick change hopping foot.


It comes with many great features but there are some that are worth mentioning and make it stand one step ahead of other Long-arm Quilting Machines. Here are the advantages of Babylock Gallant,

  • Lightweight
  • High Speed
  • High-Speed Rotatory Hook
  • Vast Throat Space


It weighs only 32 lbs. without including the weight of the quilting frame. It is a great plus point of Babylock Gallant that makes it easy to shift it from one place to another. Its low weight makes it the best portable long-arm quilting machine.

High Speed

Everyone wants to finish the quilting projects as fast as possible whether it is a quilting business or working at home. Thanks to the 1800 SPM speed of Babylock Gallant which keeps you finishing your projects faster.

High-Speed Rotatory Hook

Your Sewing and Quilting experience gets more expedient smooth and time-saving when already bulk thread holding Bobbin is coupled with the high-speed rotatory hook. This feature is a great boon for handling large-scale projects e.g. sewing big, bed-sized quilts.

Large Throat Space

You have to deal with different size of stuff if you are going to do quilting business or even if want to do quilting at home. Imagine quilting a large blanket or curtain, it will be very difficult quilting such large stuff if you have a small quilting area. Vast throat space of 15″ x 8.5″ enables you to quilt the large stuff easily without any hassle.


These might be reasons to not consider the Babylock Gallant Long Arm Quilting Machine,

  • No Bonus Kit
  • No Buttonhole Steps
  • No Automatic Thread Tention Regulator

No Bonus Kit

While some quilting and sewing machines also include bonus kits in their package which includes bonus accessories like a blind hem foot, a 5 pack of heavy-duty needles, scissors, an all-purpose foot with spring assist, etc; Baby Lock Gallant doesn’t offer this bonus kit.

No Buttonhole Steps

Mechanical quilting machines often come up with a four-step button-hole for button sewing which is a manual button-hole with four basic parts. The user consecutively turns the selection dial to the next step as the machine stops sewing. Modern sewing brands come up with a one-step button-hole which is an automated version. The machine sews the entire button-hole in a single step. Long-arm gallant is devoid of this facility.

Manual Thread Tension Regulator

In computerized sewing machines, the thread tension control system is automatic i.e. you can select stitches and adjust stitch length, stitch width via screen settings on LCD. However, Baby Lock Gallant comes up with the manual tension control assembly in which regulating discs are operated by a dial or keypad on the front of the screen.

Here is the short video from Baby Lock explaining its features officially.

Long-arm vs Home vs Sit-down Quilting Machines

Why go for a longarm machine? Why not sort out things in a conventional way? Of course, you can go with the traditional machine quilting route i.e. home sewing machine and sit-down quilting machine but, if you’re sewing a particularly large quilt, you may find it inconvenient to work with such a large piece on your home sewing machine and sitting too much can havoc your back muscles!

Another great reason to consider a long-arm machine is time – this long-term equipment can save you plenty of time, there is no need to baste when using the long-arm machine. You can use up this extra time for watching your favorite tv shows!

So, today I am going to review a long-arm quilting machine by Baby Lock named as Gallant.

Unanimously great for larger projects; this high-performance machine is packed with high-quality features and includes everything to get your hands on. Specifically designed for sewing king-sized quilts, bedsheets, and blankets due to its large capacity and time-saving features. If your big-sized quilting projects are pending; you are at the right place! Let’s break down its machine frame and probe into every part to have a good review of this product.

FAQ about BabyLock Gallant Quilting Machine

What is the price of BabyLock Gallant Long-Arm Quilting Machine?

The price of BabyLock Gallant may vary from time to time due to some discounts available on this long-arm quilting machine. The original price of BabyLock Gallant is $5,999 and you can also check its latest price with a discount from right here.

Is the Quilting Frame extendable in BabyLock Gallant?

BabyLock Gallant comes with an 8-Foot Quilting Frame and this is the longest frame size that is compatible with Baby Lock Gallant. You can not add a quilting frame longer than 8-Foot and if you do want to use a large quilting frame then consider Handi Quilter Moxie, Handi Quilter Amara, or King Quilter II Elite.

BabyLock Gallant vs Handi Quilter Moxie

Do you like Handi Quilter Moxie and also can not ignore BabyLock Gallant? You have to choose only one from these quilting machines and this comparison will surely help you.

BabyLock Gallant (Long-Arm Quilting Machine)- In-Depth ReviewHandi Quilter Moxie (Long-Arm Quilting Machine)- In-Depth Review
Stitching Speed1800 SPM1800 SPM
Throat Space15 Inches15 Inches
Quilting Frame Size8-Foot included8-Foot included (10-Foot optional)
Rear HandlebarsCompatible (But optional)
Presser Feet in box22
Display ScreenFull-color LCD DisplayTouchscreen LCD
Stitch Quality (Per Inch)4-18 Stitches4-18 Stitches
LED LightYesYes
Warranty25 years10 Years
Our Rating4.8/54.9/5
PriceCheck hereCheck here


So, the bottom line is: Baby Lock Gallant worths your purchase because it is packed with many awesome and convenient features when compared with it,s cons. It has been said so because it,s utility for long sewing /quilting machines can never be denied and, the s price range is also competitive when we compare it with other brands of long-arm quilting. The accessories which are included are far more than optional accessories not included e.g. bonus kit. It is manual on many grounds but nondigital versions of sewing are still in vogue and not difficult to go along with.


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