Bernette 70 Deco Embroidery Machine In-Depth Review

Bernette 70 Deco Embroidery Machine
Bernina's Bernette 70 Decom Embroidery Machine Review

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The Bernette 70 Deco machine is a pure embroidery machine beautifully designed. It is a computerized machine with more than two hundred design motifs. These designs can be easily editable on a centrally located five inches color touch screen. To make your work more creative and dynamic, more attractive embroidery designing styles can be uploaded through a USB drive. This machine is provided three embroidery hoops and hoop detection. These hoops are suitable for each size of the embroidery. The stitching speed is eight hundred and fifty stitches per minute. Hence it is a fast-speed stitching machine.

Why Bernette 70 Deco should buy? Well, it offers different embroidery tricks and options like Onscreen editing and custom designs, basting function, cutwork designs, embroidery software.

Bernina toolbox editing and lettering software include an extra three hundred designs and hundred fonts that allow many options. This software also can custom designs. It is compatible with all machines. Furthermore, the b70 series also uses user-friendly internal interface software. Except for the built-in design of b70, any design can be upload from the internet, file format is no more issue. Any file format like exp, vip, vp3, hus, pec, dst, jef, and pes designs can be read and sewn.

Moreover, the basting function of the B70 helps to fix the fabric on the stabilizer. This feature of the machine is used while embroidering delicate and thin fabric. Hence the eco mode of the Bernette 70 deco provides an environmentally friendly function of saving energy.

As far as maintenance of the machine is concerned, the needle bar and lower bobbin must be cleaned and lubricated every six months.

This is a complete package with an attractive price, unique designs, and cutwork designs as well. It gives a new and attractive look to the fabric. It is embodied with the art of decorating the fabric with more beautiful designs.  

Features of Bernette 70 Deco

  • Drop-in hook system
  • The maximum embroidery area is 260 x 160mm
  • It has 208 preinstalled embroidery designs
  • The stitching speed is 805 stitches per minute
  • Computerized seven letters stitches
  • Easy to use 5″ color touch screen to conveniently edit embroidery motifs
  • Easy to find operation via multi-function knobs
  • Embroidery module with 3 hoops like small, medium, and large sizes
  • The automatic hoop detection ensures the defined embroidery area of the hoop
  • Capacity to install more creative design via USB flash
  • Compatible with multiple design formats
  • Convenient upper and lower thread sensors
  • BERNINA Toolbox embroidery software Lettering and Editing included
  • The machine dimension is 19 x 12.5 x 7.5 inches
  • Regulated presser foot pressure to suit different type of fabric
  • Automatic cutting off the threads by basting stitches
  • DC motor
  • The weight of the machine is 18 lbs
  • The module weight is 8 lbs
  • 9 inches to the right to the needle
  • 5 inches workspace height
  • It has 1 USB port
  • The maximum sewing field is 10.2″x 6.3″
  • Option for Drag and Drop editing
  • Needle up and down
  • Design position check function
  • Top loading bobbins
  • Cutwork designs

Pros of B70 Deco

  • Five inches touch screen: It is optimally placed in the center for convenient use.
  • The quick-release system: It helps to open and close the hoops.
  • The maximum embroidery area: It gives proper space to large designs.
  • Computerized system software: Bernette added 300 more designs and 100 font sizes.
  • Compatibility: It is compatible with different design file formats.
  • Bernette 70 needle stitch styles: They are very beautifully stitched on the fabric.
  • Built-in designs: More than two hundred design motifs are at your fingertips.

Cons of B70 Deco

  • B70 requires six-monthly cleanliness.
  • Needle bar and Bobbin should be oiled with only yellow cap oil, which is easily available.
  •  This computerized embroidery machine is comparatively expensive than other embroidery machines.

Final thought

The Bernette 70 deco is a unique, durable, and reliable machine for decorating your desired fabric with beautiful motifs. If you are planning to buy a machine with excellent features, this will be the best option among other options. Hence it is highly recommended.


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